Introducing trashcan for Gluster File System v3.7


“GlusterFS is a unified, poly-protocol, scale-out filesystem serving many petabytes of data”

This is the one-liner from for describing the file system in short. GlusterFS community has made a tremendous progress in the world of distributed file systems. With the recent releases for this open-source project, it aims for something big that no other file system in this field can even dream about. Given the fact that it lacks a bit performace in case of small files, GlusterFS put forwards the following features for its next big release, GlusterFS v4.0:

  1. Thousand Node glusterd
  2. DHT scalability
  3. Small file performace improvement
  4. Better caching
  5. Data classification
  6. NSR or new style replication and much more (

This particular article on GlusterFS is focussed on explaining the newly introduced trash feature in version 3.7. Please read through the following link for a brief introduction to Gluster File system.

Introduction to GlusterFS (File System) and Installation on RHEL/CentOS and Fedora

What is Trash translator?
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