[Bash Script-2] Download files from multiple urls with wget in a background script


For linux guys, wget is always a good old friend. Citing from the man page, it is a non-interactive network downloader. In situations where we need to download from multiple urls, wget can take input from files which contain those urls. ‘ -i ‘ option can be used along with wget to specify the input file. Apart from that you can even write a small script and run it in background as is explained below.

Suppose I need to download certain files from the following urls (Note:- Urls provided here are provided as a matter of example. They may or Read More »

[Bash Script -1] For rotating two-dimensional matrix



#Here we use the row major representation of a two-dimensional matrix.
#Array ‘x’ is the original matrix and  ‘r’ is the matrix after rotation.
#Matrix rotations in multiples of 90 degrees can be done by calling the rotate function repeatedly.

#perform clockwise-rotation by 90 degrees
rotate () {
let i=0
while [ $i -lt $n ]
let j=0
while [ $j -lt $n ]
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