FOSDEM: a platform to showcase and share FOSS ideas

It was my first experience attending FOSDEM, one of the largest gathering of FOSS developers and users, and I am glad that it was part of my first ever international travel. I used to follow FOSDEM talks over the last few years which made me more excited to be in person inside various developer rooms during two days of the conference at ULB campus in Brussels, Belgium.

Beer event @ Delirium Cafe
This was the night before FOSDEM. Oh..How can I forget that evening? I have never been to such a packed cafe in my life before. It was packed such that no one could reach the entrance without making a way by ourselves asking others to leave some space. Entry door to cafe then awaits you with 1 or 2 FOSS related questions to be answered. I was asked to mention some Debian release code names which I managed to answer without much difficulty. As a matter of factRead More »