New socket_wrapper release with fd-passing support

This is a continuation to my previous post on socket_wrapper project. There I mentioned about some upcoming improvements/feature additions to the project. Yes, it has been a while but we have achieved a great milestone. With some modifications to the initial design we now have basic support for fd-passing which was crucial for Samba project to test SMB3 Multichannel feature in its selftest environment. This article briefly tries to explain the approach used to implement fd-passing support inside socket_wrapper. I would suggest readers to go through my initial article on socket_wrapper project itself so that next few paragraphs make more sense.

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The socket_wrapper project and upcoming improvements

Networking always played a vital role in software industry. We are now in a situation where we cannot live without integrating some kind of network stack into modern softwares. Why is it so important? Because nowadays data no longer resides locally on individual systems rather is being stored on remote sites for which we name it as cloud storage. Nobody cares about the location where it is kept. They just need to get the data whenever they ask for it and no matter where it is stored. This retrieval of data from those data centres and presenting them to users involves the networking layer i.e, client requests the data and server serves it. But how many of us have thought above the implementation of such client-server softwares and their subsequent validation? As we all know, such software products will have to undergo thorough round of testing procedures to make it foolproof. Here comes the importance of socket_wrapper project.

Pre-loading and socket_wrapper
It is a FOSS project aimed at helping the functional test coverage for client-server network stack passing all socket communications using unix domain sockets. As the name suggests it is a wrapper around almost all Read More »