Creating customized SysV init scripts in Red Hat/Fedora

Most of the software packages running on GNU/Linux distributions are not by default available in the pre-configured repositories. For developers, these software packages are usually compiled and installed. Quite often these source-compiled software requires a daemon to be run inorder to have the correct execution of the software. The service command in fedora can be used to invoke those background process. Installation from source may or may not contain the initialization scripts to start the particular service. In such situations you could write your own init scripts for launching the daemons using the service command. Let’s start with the basics now.

Run levels
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Virtual classroom by sharing terminal over ssh using screen

In today’s world, all learning methods are based on remote locations. Considering the case with GNU/Linux, remote learning on topics like System Administration, Networking etc involves the execution of different commands from shell. Mere writing these commands in a tutorial sheet and passing it over does not make sense. Then what else we can do? Good question. Take an example of a Mathematics classroom. There students could see what are the different steps that teacher is performing inorder to solve various problems via white board/black board. Here this board will be placed in a position to be seen by everyone inside the classroom. How can we make use of the SCREEN tool in the light of above mentioned example?

What is screen?
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“A Disk Read Error Occured. Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart. ” error on dual boot with Windows [solved]


I had the same problem after finishing the installation of Ubuntu on my friend’s laptop where Windows 7 was previously installed. It appears that either grub2, or the way Ubuntu implemented grub2, does not detect Windows partitions properly. Both the startup-repair from Windows disc and Boot-repair disc from Ubuntu failed to correct the error. So I decided to have a look at the grub entries.Read More »