Crazy text mode browsing from bash through elinks


All of us are quite familiar with web browsers like mozilla firefox, google chromium etc. They are unavoidable in this fast moving internet world. But have you ever thought of browsing the internet via a text mode browser? It sounds a bit crazy, right? GNU/Linux is a platform for that too which is made possible by elinks, an opensource text web browser.

It fast access a busy server. Consider a situation where you tried to search some content or website, but at the same time another user also tries to access the same server.  Because of these multiple request server becomes busy and is capable of replying to some of them. Through elinks, you can access a busy server more faster than others. GUI based browsers give request to access all data. In that case browser access all contents and images. Instead of receiving all image data including all other details it may be still loading while server is busy.

Text mode browsing only retrieve the text data from server. Thats why it is capable of accessing busy servers more easier than in GUI. It is best for the poor internet connection.

Install elinks through your package manager. An example is given below,

sudo apt-get install elinks

Access elinks from termianl by the command elinks


In this way you will access the internet via terminal. That’s It. Enjoy with Text Mode Browsing.

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