Sharing files between GNU/Linux and Windows


This is a short tutorial showing how to enable file sharing between GNU/Linux and Windows. With due respect to both I explain the topic with ease at the maximum. For sharing files both the machines must be in the same network. This can be achieved through several ways. You can use any of the following methods to establish the network or some other means.

1.Creating an ad-hoc network in GNU/Linux system and connecting to it through Windows(explained earlier in a post).
2.Or try the same idea from Windows via built-in adhoc facility or installing a software(Ex:- Connectify Me). I prefer the software for doing the same in Windows.
3.Or connect the both machines through LAN cable.

Step-1,Configuring the sharing settings in Windows
The first thing you need to do is open the Windows machine and look for ‘Manage Advanced Sharing Settings’. Next, click the option to enable file and printer sharing. If password protection is not necessary disable the corresponding option and save the changes.

Step-2,Checking the domain or workgroup name in Windows
Next, type the command below in the command prompt to find your domain or workgroup name.
net config workstation
Note the name of the Workstation domain displayed.

Step-3,Installing and configuring samba on GNU/Linux system
Log into GNU/Linux and install samba,system-config-samba. Once installed open samba. Then select Preferences->Server Setings. And type the name of the workgroup previously noted and save it. Restart both the machines and hopefully when you log back in, you should be able to see any of the system.

Step-4,Accessing files/folders
Double click the Windows share from GNU/Linux which will show you the shared files. If you have enabled password protection during the configuration step in Windows you may need to provide the username and password accordingly. In order to access the GNU/Linux files from Windows you must run the command below to add your account to the samba database.
smbpasswd -a <username>
and type the password.
To see GNU/Linux shares, you have to share the same here itself. Click on the Samba share(green plus symbol), then specify the folder you want to share with access rights. Then give access to users who want to have access under Access tab. Logon to Windows and try to access the share which will be opened for you.

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