Tracing “Curl error (6): getaddrinfo() thread failed to start” error with systemd seccomp filters

You might be wondering on what are we going to discuss in this article as it is most likely the case that you are seeing the error for the first time. But I found it very interesting, especially the whole debugging process I followed to figure out the actual root cause triggering above error. Going forward there are few software and command-line utilities that I mention to explain the context in detail. I have managed to provide hyperlinks to manual pages or websites for those utilities/terminologies I find may be useful for readers to go through and familiarize themselves with more insights.


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Stepping in to the world of containers with Samba

Container is not at all a new technology these days within global software community. There has been a time when people were discussing a lot about containers and its future applications. But it is not the case now as they are an integral part of modern hybrid cloud infrastructure. The core of this article may not be on containers and related technologies rather a report on my learning curve as a newbie in bringing Samba in to containers. Samba? Yes, it is a free software implementation of SMB protocol providing file and print services capable of integrating with Windows server domain as a Domain Controller or as a domain member. You can grab more details from Samba project page. Last but not the least, readers are expected to have basic knowledge on containers, Dockerfile etc as explaining those are not my intention here in this article.

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New socket_wrapper release with fd-passing support

This is a continuation to my previous post on socket_wrapper project. There I mentioned about some upcoming improvements/feature additions to the project. Yes, it has been a while but we have achieved a great milestone. With some modifications to the initial design we now have basic support for fd-passing which was crucial for Samba project to test SMB3 Multichannel feature in its selftest environment. This article briefly tries to explain the approach used to implement fd-passing support inside socket_wrapper. I would suggest readers to go through my initial article on socket_wrapper project itself so that next few paragraphs make more sense.

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